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The Real Diaper Association believes that making the knowledge and tools for cloth diapering accessible to U.S. parents will change the world one baby at a time.  RDA beliefs are put to action through the organization of local advocates and activists for cloth-diapering. 

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Chose Cloth."  Below you will find a collection of their testimonies. 

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I don't like the chemicals in disposables.

I have always wanted to find natural options and had used natural options whenever possible for my children. When looking into diapers, I had found eco-friendly and chlorine free diapers. But I found cost over time to be high. Cloth diapers had come a long way, so I gave it a try and loved it! I found cost to be low and a lot of options to fit our lifestyle.

Just one child in reusable diapers can make a lasting impression on the environment and their future. I chose cloth for my child's health and well-being, and for the future of their children and those that come after them.

We chose cloth first for financial reasons. At the time my husband's income would not support us and I was also working. Even with two incomes it was tight. I was very sick during pregnancy which made work difficult. We knew that we wanted me to be able to stay at home with our baby. We worked to make that happen, and budget cuts and cloth diapering were a piece of that! Once I started learning about cloth I learned about all the benefits outside of just financial savings! It was better for baby, and better for the environment too! This led to me using mama cloth, and other healthy alternatives for our family. It also led to this need for me to share what I was learning with other mamas. My husband pushed me to open our store thanks to my constant need to share with others what I had learned!

We chose cloth diapers for our children and as a focus of our store for the environmental, social, economic and health benefits. We believe that parents have a chance to influence the future and we want to encourage a positive influence. Cloth diapering has a lower cost both environmentally and economically (they're also stinkin cute!) We support and encourage a natural, simple approach to parenting and are happy to offer support and education to parents, grandparents and care givers.

It saves us money, and helps manage waste and pollution. My husband prefers it because he feels it "protects" our babys bottom better when he falls, and he would rather not have our child wearing a "garbage bag"

When my first son was born I was grossed out that chemicals and other unknowns are used to make disposable diapers. I wanted a safer alternative and I wanted something to reduce the amount of trash being used. I also liked the idea that our family was saving money while minimizing the amount of waste!

I love everything about cloth diapering. It's pocket and environmental friendly, there are no nasty chemicals, and it looks adorable on any babies tush. There are so many options on cloth no matter what you budget may be. To me, cloth diapering is my contribution to making this world a better place.

I chose cloth because I wanted to get away from using harmful chemicals found in disposable diapers. It was an added bonus that they were adorable and helped the environment and our wallet. I have loved making the switch to cloth and hope I can encourage others to do the same.

Save the environment while having the babies bum look most adorable! I also don't care for the chemicals used in disposables.

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