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The Real Diaper Association believes that making the knowledge and tools for cloth diapering accessible to U.S. parents will change the world one baby at a time.  RDA beliefs are put to action through the organization of local advocates and activists for cloth-diapering. 

Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Chose Cloth."  Below you will find a collection of their testimonies. 

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I started using cloth because I wanted to limit the number of chemicals that my daughter was being exposed to, but once I started I realized how much cheaper it is, how much better for the environment, and for our family. I also met the most amazing support group in our local Diaper Circle that has literally changed my life. I am so very thankful that we started using cloth diapers, I only wish I had done it sooner.

I chose cloth for several reasons, financial, composition and appearance. After looking through the numbers on what I could save, the choice was that much easier to make. I also was terrified reading about all the chemicals that are used in sposies. It didn't even cross my mind to look into organic sposies, and I began my cloth journey. After I started looking into specific diapers I began finding all of the adorable options, and my vain side has come out, I love the way my son's fluffy cloth diapered bum looks. The best decision was to use cloth, now it's normal and I can't imagine anything else!

I chose cloth, as it is better on the environment, better for my child and better on my pocket book.

I was first introduced to cloth when I went to a educational class at my local cloth diaper circle group. It was a lot of fun and informative and since then I have taken the steps to cloth diaper my own children. I cloth diaper because it is inexpensive compared to have to buy disposables every week. They are a lot more fun and I love showing my friends and family the cloth diapers that I use. Now that I have enjoyed cloth diapering my little ones I plan to start a group in Fairbanks Alaska to help others because there currently is no organization here.

Because they are better for the world, better for my baby, easy, fun, and less expensive than disposables.

I was originally attracted to the cute prints and was very excited to learn about the health and environmental benefits of reusable cloth diapers as well. It is inline with our family's values of living green and as natural as possible.

I have been a long time advocate of cloth, having owned a cloth diaper diaper store in the past. I choose cloth because it is better for baby and cost effective (unless you get a severe case of "can't get enough fluff").

Ecology. Native American Traditions state we are responsible for the earth and all creatures here unto the seventh generation. I need to help keep the earth alive for the seventh generation.

I chose cloth because of the money factor at first. Then I researched it even more and loved the fact that its eco friendly and fun! I love not going to the store to buy sposies all the time..

My husband and I have always been concerned about making lifestyle choices that are best for the environment, so when we were expecting our first baby we knew we would use cloth diapers. Once we got started using cloth we also realized how much better it is for babies' skin too. We started our store when our son was 14 months old because we realized there was a demand locally for cloth diapers and other natural parenting products. We had gone to stores in other cities and also researched a lot online when we were first expecting, so we knew first hand how much easier it is to see the diapers in person and talk to someone who can help with them. Helping other parents with natural choices is my favorite thing about being in this business. We have now been cloth diapering our own kids non-stop over the last four years, and for about a year we had two in cloth.

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