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Format: Digital images in either .jpg or .gif format and high-quality photographs.

Real Diaper Association
P.O. Box 51143
Riverside, CA 92517

Size: We will re-size any accepted images. Please do not re-size them before sending. If scanned photos are sent, please save in the highest quality possible and set to 100% in size before forwarding to RDA. Minimum size acceptable is 150x200pixels.

Composition: Please send images that are in focus and in good color, contrast and composition.  Professional Grade images are appreciated.  RDA desires to show cloth diapering incorporated into everyday family life.  Pictures should not be limited to babies in diapers alone.

Contact Information: Include contact information – name and email or address - with your image submission(s). Your name and email address will not be given to any third party nor used for anything but normal communication purposes. If your image is used in any media format, you will be notified via the contact information sent. Please do not send any identifiable information about your child in your submission.

Permissions Granted: Photographs mailed or images submitted for use by RDA, if selected, will become publicly available for viewing. Please understand that anyone viewing an image will be able to download that image to their own computer. By contributing an image or images to RDA, you are granting public use of the image for noncommercial purposes. Although copyright notices are posted or printed on all RDA media, there is no guarantee of reader acknowledgement. In any event, RDA will not be held responsible for improper use of images taken from print media or downloaded from this web site.

You also grant that you have the necessary copyrights or ownership to grant RDA permission to display the image. RDA specifically disclaims any copyrights for your images and will not be held liable for any copyright violations.

Legal Agreement: RDA reserves the right to not use or to remove any submissions without explanation. In submitting your image or images to RDA you agree to allow RDA royalty-free, non-exclusive (RDA has the right to use your image, but you do not give up rights to your image to use as you please), universal right and license to use and display the images in conjunction with any media – web or otherwise – now and in the future. There will be no names, specific credits or compensation given. 

Thank you for contributing to RDA cloth diapering outreach. If you do not agree to the conditions stated above, please DO NOT contribute any images.



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RDA is an associate member of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association for the cloth diaper industry.

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