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Do you have experience with cloth diapers in daycare? Please contact Ann Maclean.  


Real Diaper Association does what Volunteers do

RDA is a 100% volunteer-run organization. Board members, who manage RDA daily, donated more than 850 hours in 2006—time valued at over $15,000 by Independent Sector. Thank you to Angelique Mullen, Lori Taylor, Marie DiCocco, Maya Keithly, and former board member Heather Sanders for their dedication.

Many other volunteers have donated their valuable time to cloth diaper advocacy through RDA. A few volunteers were particularly valuable to RDA in the past year.

  • Rachel Flores took notes created by a group of volunteers and created a 4-part cloth diapering curriculum for use by Real Diaper Circles and other RDA members. Thank you so much Rachel!
  • Karen Amidon, Ann Maclean, Marie DiCocco, and Lori Taylor volunteered their time at the Green Festival in Washington, DC.
  • Shelley Tween contacted diaper services to ask them to become RDA members.
  • Real Diaper Circle Leaders organized meetings, held sewing parties, taught workshops, created educational videos, contacted media, and much more.

Do you want to spend time this year educating others about cloth diapers? Many of us who have cloth diapered our children talk about diapers and educate others locally. We can build on that and share our collective knowledge when we pool our time through a central organization.

Could you:

  • EDIT and LAYOUT curriculum for Real Diaper Circles?
  • BLOG a little time each week, adding to the Real Diaper Events blog?
  • EDIT Cloth Diapering in the News on the RDA website?
  • WRITE a short announcement for the monthly e-newsletter?
  • CREATE a low-budget marketing plan to let people know what RDA can do for them?
  • WRITE a 500-1000 word article for the quarterly print newsletter, Real Diaper News?
  • ASSIST in editing the Quarterly print newsletter?
  • UPDATE RDA cloth diaper information pamphlets, or just start over with new designs?
  • WRITE new pamphlets answering basic cloth diapering questions?
  • ORGANIZE RDA volunteers who want to donate their time?

Don’t just rely on our ideas. When you see a need and you believe you can help, let us know what you want to do. If you have a little time or a lot, we need your help!



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Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Bree Penniger, owner of Bree's Bums, Allen, Texas, wrote:

"We chose cloth for our baby for four reasons.
"1. Health - our daughter has never had a diaper rash because we use cloth. Also, we are keeping waste where it belongs - in the sewers.
"2. Environmental imact - cloth diapers keep unneccessary trash out of our landfills.
"3. Cost - We have already saved lots of money on diapers for our baby because we use reusable diapers. Why pay for garbage?
"4. The "Cute Factor" - we have to admit, cloth diapers are adorable, and soft to boot!
"In a nutshell, we just wanted the best for our baby!

Individual Member · Mary Maurer of Wynantskill, New York, wrote:

"I began researching cloth almost as soon as I became pregnant. I was cloth diapered as a child in the 70s and always knew I would go that way with my own children. My husband and I feel very strongly about the environmental and health related impact of cloth diapering."

Individual Member · Jessica Pachler of Annapolis, Maryland, wrote:

"My husband and I have been using cloth on our 3-month old and have really enjoyed the experience. Through the help of a RDA member, Ann Maclean, we have been able to try out different types of fitted diapers and pick the system that works best for us and our son. I'd like to help others who want to use cloth. I think more people would use cloth if they knew how easy and economical it is, not to mention the environmental and health benefits."

»» Read more testimonials.

New Business Member Donation Schedule

As of January 2007, we are pleased to announce that RDA has a revised schedule for annual dues. Several business members wrote to us to help us understand how to help them better--and we listened. We want to be sure that as many businesses as possible are able to join together through RDA. The schedule now includes an additional level, with an overall lowering of business member dues. To see the new levels and dues schedule, please go here.

Business members will find a nice surprise when you log in to your RDA accounts. All business memberships paid as of January 1, 2007 have been pro-rated and expiration dates extended based on the new schedule. For example, the lowest level now starts at $50. If you joined last week at the $75 level, you will find that your membership will not expire for 18 months.

Keep letting us know how Real Diaper Association can work for you.

Real Diaper Giveaway

Did you know that RDA accepts advertising on our websites? All advertising revenue is then used to fund the Real Diaper Giveaway at the end of each quarter. The last quarter of 2006 has ended, and it is time to giveaway diapers. We have a grand total of $38.24 to give away, and we need nominations from any RDA members. Tell us who needs cloth diapers and why. Once we have nominations in place, we will ask RDA members to vote on the requests. If we don't receive nominations, we will rollover the amount to give away at the end of the next quarter, so keep nominations coming. Read the details of the program here.

RDA needs the following information about the NOMINEE:

1. Name (will not be made public without the nominee’s express permission and then only if Giveaway is made)
2. Address (will not be made public, for shipping purposes if the Giveaway is made to them)
3. City and State (will be public), whether they know they are being nominated
4. Phone number (will not be made public, used to confirm information)
5. Why nominated to receive cloth diapers
6. What cloth diaper products nominator would like to give away to them (include quantity and item)
7. Approximate value of donation request (itemized, available funds are $38.24; include shipping in estimate)
8. How this particular nomination fulfills the RDA mission.

*The last three items are the story the nominator tells to persuade RDA members to vote for this nomination.

We also need to know the following information about the NOMINATOR:

1. Full Name (first and last)
2. RDA username
3. Email address

The nominator’s name will not be made public unless or until the Giveaway is made.

hanging prefold diaper

Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #16: 
"What IS that?" people will ask.  THAT is a cloth diaper keychain, and that is the beginning of a conversation you want to have.  Several RDA members have found that putting a mini cloth diaper on their keychain gets attention.  This is a way to make cloth diapering experience visible enough that people ask you when they need to know about diapers.  You could also wear an "Ask Me about Cloth Diapers" T-shirt if it fits into your wardrobe, but you probably wouldn’t want to wear it every day.  If you aren’t carrying your keys in your hand much, you could hang a mini diaper from your purse or diaper bag as a conversation starter.

Do you have more ideas for Advocacy Tips? Tell us all about it.

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