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Cloth Diapers in Daycare -- An RDA Survey

The Real Diaper Association is interested in learning more about the use of cloth diapers in daycare centers. Real Diaper Circle Leader Ann Maclean is collecting data to make the case for cloth diapers in daycare, and we need your help. Please take just a few minutes to let us know your experiences, so we can encourage more daycare centers across the USA to accept cloth diapers.

Based on the information collected, we will create an action plan. RDA Board member Angelique Mullen is a survey and data analyst. She will be aggregating survey results for Ann. The results of their research, along with the proposed plan, will first be shared with those who participated in the survey. No one's personal information will be shared, and only Ann and Angelique will have access to the raw data. Together we can make a positive and permanent change!

Please spend 5 minutes to take a cloth diapers in daycare survey now on the RDA website. If you have questions, please contact Ann Maclean. You don’t have to be a member of Real Diaper Association to participate. Feel free to share the survey with others.



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Business Member · Ann-Marie Speirs, owner of Cozy Baby Boutique, Kirkland, Washington, wrote:

"I always knew I'd do cloth and just figured the best option was using prefolds and getting diaper service. I stumbled across a cloth diapering thread on a baby forum and was amazed at the variety and advances in cloth diapers. Even more so, I was shocked at how many people on the boards never even considered cloth as an option. I was blown away. The more I read about reusables and disposables, the more I became an advocate of cloth. I then started sharing this information with my childbirth classmates and then with my new mom friends in parent-baby classes."

Individual Member · Mary Evans of Charlottesville, Virginia, wrote:

"[W]hen I was researching it during my pregnancy, I was struck by one fact: a baby in disposables creates one ton of waste in a landfill. As a child, I remember riding in the car across Staten Island and seeing (and smelling) the towering piles of garbage on either side of the road. This image has stayed with me, and using cloth diapers is one of the small things I can do to help counteract this problem."

Individual Member · Miriam Dayan of Beverly Hills, California, wrote:

"I am also a believer in the idea that we were put on earth to protect and keep it for future generations and could not reconcile that idea with throwing away tens of thousands of disposable diapers. I also felt it would be hypocritical of me to teach my children about recycling and caring for the earth while their diapers would "outlive" in the garbage dump."

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Newest Real Diaper Circle Leader
Bree Penninger of the Dallas - Fort Worth Real Diaper Circle

Bree writes:

"With the birth of our first baby approaching, my husband and I decided that we were going to use cloth diapers. Thinking I was going to encounter pins and plastic pants, I was ready to take on the pins, diaper rash, and diaper soup that I just knew were all a part of cloth diapering. But I knew it was better for my baby, and that it would save us money.

"Upon researching online, I found that there were so many incredible options that I became overwhelmed and gave up completely! After expressing my frustration about not knowing what to do to our Bradley childbirth instructor, she immediately pulled a large tub out of her closet, and out came every cloth diaper I had seen online. She explained the differences between them to us probably three times before we decided what we thought we ought to do. We purchased our first set of diapers online, and found a new passion!

"There was not a single place to purchase or even see these diapers in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and so we decided to open our own store. Now we travel around doing diaper demonstrations and classes at birth centers, homes, and community rooms all over DFW. We just love talking about diapers! What's even more gratifying is seeing all of the relieved looks on people's faces when they see how easy cloth can be. In addition, I have met some of my best, closest (and newest!) friends through cloth diapering.

"As a business owner, I have been looking for an outlet to bring moms (and dads too!) together to support each other in our cloth diapering efforts - a way to have fellowship and support without focusing so much on my business. Our RDA circle will be just the way to do it! I am thrilled to be an accredited RDA circle leader, and I'm looking forward to advocacy in Texas!"


Cloth Diaper Marketing Survey

Did you receive a marketing survey recently from an organization that seemed to mimic the name and address of Real Diaper Association? No, the survey was not from RDA. This survey was sent by the owners of a cloth diaper manufacturing company — not by a nonprofit foundation ready to launch a national cloth diaper advocacy campaign.

We are happy to let you know that we have settled the issues of trademark infringement, and we have invited the company to join RDA as a business member. We would love to have them share their ideas for a national campaign through our existing, all-volunteer organization. If you received the survey, encourage the senders to work with RDA to advocate cloth diapers nationally.

On the subject of demographics, we would certainly like to see a scientifically sound, 21st-century survey of cloth diapering in the United States. Before we know what changes cloth diaper advocacy brings about, we need to understand baseline demographics. Such a survey has long been near the top of our volunteer wish list. Do you have the skills to design or implement a major demographic study? Please volunteer any amount of time to help us reach this goal. Contact Angelique Mullen to volunteer or make suggestions.


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Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #17: 
Would you like to stir up a little interest in cloth diapers in your town? Real Nappy Week, March 11-18, is a great opportunity to join others internationally in cloth diaper events. The first Real Nappy Week 11 years ago was sponsored by the Real Nappy Association, the model organization for Real Diaper Association. Activities are now coordinated by the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN). They offer guidelines for publicity events like a diaper fashion show, nappucino meetings, stalls, a hospital display, and a mountain of nappy waste.

Do you have more ideas for Advocacy Tips? Tell us all about it.

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