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Real Diaper Giveaway -- Seeking Nominations

We are now ready to accept nominations for the next round of the Real Diaper Giveaway. Do you know a family or organization in need of cloth diapers? All money collected from advertising on the RDA website goes to give away diapers. The total available as of this writing is $139.22. With a maximum of $100 per nominee, we hope to give diapers or diaper accessories to two families or organizations after the end of March 2007. Please read the details of the Real Diaper Giveaway at to see the specific information we need.

During the last quarter of 2006, Christy Perce, Leader of the Mid-coast Maine Real Diaper Circle, nominated Jessica of North Waterboro, Maine, to receive new all-in-one diapers for her toddler and newborn baby.

After Christy became a Real Diaper Circle Leader, she decided that she would be able to help families even more if she were also selling diapers. Christy became a cloth diaper retailer when she opened Maine Cloth Diapers, and she is now a business member of RDA.

Last summer, Jessica bought a whole new set of diapers from Christy for their toddler and their baby due in January. Unfortunately, their new diapers and much more was lost in a house fire in September. Christy wrote, "I know they really want to cloth diaper their two children, but have had this catastrophe which has made times harder on them. [Their toddler] is now back in disposables." When she received a letter from Jessica, she "had an 'Oprah Moment.' I would really like to set their family up with a whole diapering system, but financially I am not able to at this time."

Christy asked RDA to provide for Jessica through the Real Diaper Giveaway. Christy’s was the only nomination we received for the few advertising dollars we had to give away at that time, so we accepted. Since we had made clear in giveaway rules that business members making nominations would not be able to provide the diapers, we talked this over with Christy. Christy contacted Bum Genius one-size diaper manufacturer Cotton Babies to get permission to sell the diapers to RDA at cost. This way, Christy made no profit from the transaction and Jessica received more diapers.

Jessica and her babies have received the diapers.

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Why We Choose Cloth.  Upon joining, RDA members are asked to respond to "Why I Choose Cloth." 

Business Member · Heather Nerheim, owner of Just Ducky, Milton, Florida, wrote:

"My husband and I always knew that we wanted to use cloth diapers. We were both cloth diapered as infants, back when cloth diapering was more widespread. It seemed natural to do the same for our children.

"First of all, we realized how economical cloth diapering is, despite the initial investment, the long-term savings were amazing!

"Second, we wanted what was best for our baby and his sensitive skin. We thought about which option we would like better, icky plastic disposables, or comfy cotton and fleece.

"Last, we wanted a diaper option that was better for the environment. There was no question in our minds that we would rather invest in a re-usable product that we could use for future children rather than throw our money away on disposable diapers that create huge amounts of waste every year."

Business Member · Katie Moore, owner of Woolly Bugs, Austin, Texas, wrote:

"I first started using cloth diapers for the cost savings. I knew that if I wanted to be a SAHM I would need to cut costs. Now there are many more reasons why I love cloth. The environmental impact and health concerns of disposables are always on my mind. My son had a horrible stomach illness recently and his little bottom became so raw after we were in the hospital. Upon returning home and to our cloth diapers, he bottom healed very quickly. The gels and toxins used so freely to make disposables scare me. I want my son to only have the best now and I hope to help preserve the environment for him later."

»» Read more testimonials.

New to the Website
Diaper Service Listing in the RDA Directory

Would you believe that we get a lot of questions from people hoping or planning to start small, local diaper services. What a great idea! But none of the current RDA board members have experience in this area. We approached RDA members who own diaper services to get their help.

In particular, we would like to recognize RDA business member Shelley Tween of Healthy Diapers for working so hard to educate the public in her whole region about cloth diapers. Shelley and others have gathered a great group of northeastern U.S. diaper service owners to ask what they can learn from one another and how they can help new start up services. They will be meeting in April.

To encourage more people to consider using a diaper service, we have added a page in the RDA directory where you can see all of the diaper services who are currently members of Real Diaper Association.

Just a Minute of Your Time
Cloth Diapers in Daycare Survey

Last month, with a lot of help from webmaster Marie DiCocco, RDA launched a survey on parents’ experiences with cloth diapers in daycare. In her work life, Angelique Mullen, RDA treasurer, aggregates surveys, and she has offered to do that for us now. Once she finishes her work, Northern Virginia Real Diaper Circle Leader Ann Maclean will use what she finds to see what has worked in the past with daycare centers. Ann will then create a plan of action to educate daycare centers about cloth diapers.

This is great, since we have had many questions over the years from RDA members and others who have wanted help with cloth diapers in daycare.

Participate by taking the daycare survey on the RDA website. As of this writing, we have had 137 surveys submitted. That’s a great response, and we welcome your response as well. If you have questions, please contact Ann Maclean.

Real Diaper Events blog Cloth Diapering Advocacy Tip #18: 
Blog. Do you have a parenting blog? Write about cloth diapers. People who read your blog because they are interested in your stories of parenting life may learn more than they thought they needed to know about cloth diapers.

If you don't have a blog, post at the Real Diaper Events blog to let others know about cloth diaper events or give a big advocacy shout out for someone who is working hard to put more babies in cloth diapers. RDA business and individual members can register and post to the RDA blog at Real Diaper Events. Don’t want to write? Then read! Check out what is going on with other RDA members.

If you are an RDA member and you have a blog, post a link to your blog at Real Diaper Events.

Do you have more ideas for Advocacy Tips? Tell us all about it.

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