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Advocacy Tips from the Green Festival
Spring 2007

Would you like to give away diapers to help parents make a change? Karen Amidon of Green Mountain Diapers has a few tips.

  • Offer a variety of sizes. (She didnít anticipate so many newborns at the Festival.)
  • Make the changing area semi-private, with space around the changing table.
  • Let the parents change the babyís diaper themselves.
  • Bring a doll so the parents can practice their diapering skills.
  • Have hand-sanitizer and basic cleaning supplies available.
  • Give out prefold diaper folding instructions and washing instructions.

Bryana Guckin of Soft Cloth Bunz offers a few tips for those who want to sell cloth diapers at festivals.

  • Consider this a promotion to build future sales because it seldom pays for itself.
  • Make the space visually interesting with hands-on display.
  • Keep it simple. Too much variety confuses people who know little about cloth diapers.
  • Explain that fitted and prefold diapers do same job, and both still need a cover.

What do you say about cloth diapers at a public event? If you donít know where to start, try our basic script. We wrote this script after the event, based on the questions we were asked and the ways we found ourselves answering them. You are X asking the questions, and the respondent answers as O.

X: Can I tell you anything about cloth diapers?
O: Yes. (If they say no, just smile and say "ok")
X: Do you need to be convinced to use cloth diapers?
O: [nothing]
X: Just a nudge?
O: Yes.
X: This is our Real Diaper Facts brochure. In this you will find information we have gathered from studies. . . .
O: [is male]
X: For example, a study in Germany showed that, in disposable diapers, the temperature of baby boys' testicles was raised, resulting in lower fertility.
O: [is maybe greener than average]
X: For example, [then talk about environment]
O: [I just looked for cues from the person to decide which fact to highlight to convince them]
O: No. I want to use cloth diapers.
X: What do you need to know to make that work?
O: I'm just so confused with all of the information online
X: Let's boil it down to the basics. Every diaper equation needs moisture absorbency [hold up a diaper] and moisture resistance [hold up a cover]. This diaper [prefold] does the same job as this diaper [fitted]. Both need this [cover]. [and so on]
O: I want to switch to cloth diapers, but it's so expensive.
X: [talk about ways to make it less expensive]
O: I want to switch to cloth diapers, but I have nowhere to wash them.
X: [talk about commercial laundry and diaper services]
O: I'm about to adopt, and I don't know how old the baby will be.
X: [I show them one-size diapers.]
O: Not really. I already use cloth diapers. I just wanted to see all of the different kinds. I've used this and this and this. . . .

X: Do you have someone to put in cloth diapers?
O: No. I'm just looking.
X: Great. Let me know if I can answer your questions.
O: I'm just reminiscing.
X: [I get out the older styles and fold a few diapers with them]
O: I will soon
X: Do you know whether you will use cloth diapers?
O: [then join script above]

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