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Photo Contest Raises RDA Profile
Fall 2009

The RDA Real Diapers, Real Babies Photo Contest was a huge success, thanks to all who participated as sponsors, contestants, or voters.  We can’t wait to show off the beautiful calendar we’ll be publishing in October!  It will be sold via our CafePress store as a fundraiser to continue to support the work we do.

RDA had high hopes for the photo contest, beyond finding great photos to use in the calendar, and we have been really pleased with the results.

We hoped the contest would help to increase the visibility of RDA and our work by increasing traffic to our website and our blog. We found more than 10 external blog posts about RDA and the contest, and there were hundreds of posts in diapering forums driving people to our blog, who posted more than 200 comments there.

RDA hoped to gain additional volunteers and donations to continue our mission.  In August alone, 24 new members joined RDA (compared with 10 new members in August 2008).  Seventeen of those new members volunteered as Real Diaper Circle Leaders.

And lastly, we thought it would be useful to obtain photos to use in our publicity materials (including the photo of Arabella with her diapers air drying shown on the front page).  We received more than 160 beautiful photos of babies in cloth diapers.

How can we best capitalize on this momentum to continue our mission to get more babies into reusable diapers and how can we increase our capacity to take advantage of our new volunteers?  What are your ideas?

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