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Circle Leader Profile: Maya Keithly
By Angelique Mullen
February 2005

We are pleased to announce that western Washington has a dedicated new Real Diaper Circe leader, Maya Keithly. This busy mother of three, who resides in Woodinville, an outlying community in the Seattle area, has been eager to spread the word about cloth diapers. She had her first Circle meeting on January 8th, with five people in attendance, including one expectant mother. The meeting went well, and the attendees were excited about coming back. Maya happily reports that she has 12 people signed up to come to the next meeting, on February 19th. She said that it was wonderful to see the mother-to-be listen to what Maya told her and take all the provided information about cloth. “She seemed eager to give it a try”, says Maya.

Advocating and encouraging other families to try cloth has been something Maya has been excited about since she diapered her oldest son nine years ago. “Cloth diapering was a breeze back when my son was born, and is made even easier now by the new choices in diapering”, Maya says. She feels that choosing cloth is not only a good choice for the environment, but also part of her responsibility as a role model to her children. “As a mother, I have seen what amount of conservation education has stayed with my son. He refuses to litter, will pick up trash left by others, and looks at the world around us as a ‘living thing’. I want him to see his new siblings doing their part, even in infancy.” Maya is currently cloth diapering her twin sons who are not quite two years old.

In addition to her job as an on-air DJ, Maya also makes and sells specialty diapers, on her website, Sumobaby. She does not advertise her business, and only sells on a small basis. Always the advocate, she says her website is “mostly to encourage people to cloth diaper.”

Becoming a Circle leader is thrilling for her because it allows her to maintain the activist side of herself. She says, “We live in a very wasteful society. I know that cloth diapering is best, yet on television there are disposable diaper commercials every ten minutes, while there is a widespread lack of education about our wastefulness.” Maya wants to educate her local community about these issues, and get parents excited about making smarter environmental choices. Acting as a Circle leader is just one more way of promoting cloth. “I talk to people all the time. I have gotten a good response from talking to people in line at Whole Foods, ”she says.

To find out more about Maya’s First Real Diaper Circle of Washington, please email her.


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