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HELP! I want to use cloth diapers in daycare!
by Heather McNamara, RDA Executive Director
Fall 2009

“I went to a daycare this morning that said that they didn’t think I would be able to use pocket diapers because of licensing. Is this true? If so, where can I find the actual regulation? Can anyone recommend a good place that would agree to use cloth diapers? Or offer advice on how to broach the subject with other daycares?”

So read a recent email to our San Diego Real Diaper Circle online discussion group, and it echoes similar questions proposed with unfortunate regularity in that group and others to which I belong. This also sounds familiar to Lori Taylor, RDA President and founder. She recalls that the first email the Real Diaper Association received upon forming back in 2004 was from a mother distraught that her only daycare option wouldn’t accept her cloth diapers.

In fact, Lori has told me about that mother a couple of times now. I heard it first when she was proposing an annual goal in April for the RDA to work with the Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) to develop a project to change attitudes about cloth diapers in the daycare setting. I heard a more urgent version of it as we read through the hundreds of survey responses we received asking people about their experiences. And I heard a more hopeful version of it when she passed along the detailed project proposal we had drafted to the Board of the RDIA this week.

The proposal calls for a two-pronged approach for the RDA and RDIA to implement for our constituents. We will provide guidance to parents looking for daycares who accept their cloth diapers, and we will work to educate daycare providers about reusable diapers. If the proposal is adopted by the RDIA, the volunteer-driven project will make a real difference to a lot of families.

By this time next year, I look forward to hearing the triumphant version of that mother’s story from Lori. And I hope to add at least one story of my own. This one will be about a family who thanked RDA for no longer having to sacrifice their cloth diapering practices in their search for a convenient, trustworthy daycare facility.

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