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Cloth Diaper Advocacy - Spread the word!
by Brenda Wells, Sunshine Diapers
Fall 2009

Brenda Wells of Sunshine Diapers sent this cloth diapering advocacy tip. "The more of our sites that add links to the RDA, the higher the RDA site will climb in Google and other search engine rankings when someone is searching for cloth diaper information." It is true that search engine rankings are directly affected by link popularity. What is link popularity? Link popularity is basically a score given by search engines based on how many related, external sites link to any particular website. By linking to RDA, you are telling the search engines that RDA is a high-quality site with relevant information. Linking to the RDA website is easy. Visit our website media page for simple cut and paste text and image links and show the search engines that RDA has external approval from sites that matter. Put a link on your blog, website or signature and let other families know you support reusable cloth diapers.

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