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Welcome to the RDA print newsletter archive.  The newsletter, Real Diaper News, is sent to all RDA members by mail. Articles are available online one year after print publication. The print newsletter is sent four times a year to all whose RDA membership is current at the time of mailing.

◊ Volume 5, Issue 1. Fall 2009. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 166KB)

◊ Volume 4. 2008. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 649KB)

◊ Volume 3, Issue 1. Spring 2007. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 504KB)

◊ Volume 2, Issue 3. Summer 2006. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 394KB)

◊ Volume 2, Issue 2. Spring 2006. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 1.0MB)

◊ Volume 2, Issue 1. Winter 2006. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 373KB)

◊ Volume 1, Issue 3. Fall 2005. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 1.52MB)

◊ Volume 1, Issue 2. August 2005. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 1.76MB)

◊ Volume 1, Issue 1. February 2005. ◊

whole issue (pdf, 599KB)


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RDA is an associate member of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit trade association for the cloth diaper industry.

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