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Because we need you!

In order to achieve our mission, we need your support.  Every member is another voice speaking out in support of reusable cloth diapers.

We need your voice to share the benefits of cloth diapering.

When you join the Real Diaper Association you will be a part of a national organization, whose focus is to increase the use of cloth diapers.  Your voice will add strength and power to our message.

We need your support in creating the cultural shift towards cloth diapers.

A cultural shift does not happen by suggestion alone. Cultural shifts happen when people everywhere decide it is time to initiate change, then they create the atmosphere for the change to happen. By joining the Real Diaper Association you will be a part of making this change happen.

We need your assistance in teaching other families how to use cloth diapers.

The best way to learn how to use cloth diapers is to see someone do it. Watching, asking questions, and getting advice are all essential parts of diapering, and are best done face-to-face. The Real Diaper Association has created the structure for this type of learning, but we need people like you to do the teaching.

Join because you want to be active in your town, telling people about cloth diapers.

Do you need a forum to talk about cloth diapers? Maybe you want to share your interest, but you aren't sure how to approach people. Well, join the Real Diaper Association, and you will have the tools available to you to help you talk to other parents about cloth diapering.Join the Real Diaper Association because being environmentally friendly is important to you!

Join because being environmentally friendly is important to you.

Cloth diapering is more environmentally sound than other diapering options.  Please go here for more information.  If you are concerned about the environment, joining the Real Diaper Association supports you in your concerns and advocates for cloth diapers on your behalf.

Join because you want cloth diapers to be available to all parents.

Many parents do not know about today's cloth diapers, have access to them.  It is our goal to make cloth diapers accessible to all U.S. parents.  If you want to support that mission, join the Real Diaper Association.

Join because you want to be part of the cloth diaper revolution!

Join the real Diaper Association because you have the same mission we do: to increase the number of U.S. families using cloth diapers.  It is as simple, and as complicated, as that.  If you share this goal with us, then join.


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