Are Strollers Necessary? (Worth the Money?)

Many people ask the question “are strollers necessary?” Well, it all depends on what you need a stroller for. If you’re looking for a stroller that will serve as a lightweight child carrier, then no they aren’t necessary. However, if you’re looking for a full-sized travel system with enough storage and features to satisfy your needs then yes, they are necessary.

There are pros and cons of buying your baby a stroller and in this article, I’ll show you why strollers are necessary, how to choose the best one for you and your baby, and whether or not a stroller is really worth it.

Are strollers necessary?

It’s really hard to answer such a question because it is highly subjective and depends on the lifestyle of the family and your own needs. However, if you’re going to use a stroller more than once then I would recommend you get one because they save a lot of time and are quite fun to use.

They can also be very helpful when you’re shopping alone since they help you get down small aisles in stores and make it easier for you to carry your baby around stores during shopping trips (trust me, it’s much easier to do with a stroller).

I have friends who enjoy carrying the babies and don’t mind doing it for an extended period of time and never brought a stroller but I personally get tired of carrying my baby and it gets tiring after a while. Therefore, strollers can be very useful for busy parents who want to get things done, go to the mall, go grocery shopping, or just enjoy a walk with their baby in nice weather.

Baby Stroller Advantages

1. Can help you relax your hands when going somewhere:

Many parents find it easier to relax their hands when using a stroller. I know my arms and hands get tired after a while just holding my baby without being able to use them. The same applies to other parts of your body and you don’t want your baby to get used that way, do you?

2. Gets you around:

It’s so much easier to get around with a stroller especially if the place you’re going to isn’t big or designed in a way that makes it easy for you to walk around in. The stroller will help you get around and make it much easier for you to shop and do other things.

3. Can also be used as a shopping cart:

If you have a car seat that came with the stroller, it can be used as a shopping cart (like the Graco Strollers), you can use it as one too. Because of its nice wheels, it can be pushed very smoothly and easily without getting tired of pushing it.

4. Protects your child from extreme cold/hot weather:

If you live in a place where the weather can change quickly and severely, then having a stroller is necessary. It will protect your child from the cold and heat but it’s only really necessary if you don’t have a safe place to put your child while you’re away.

5. Can help caregiver/family member relax:

If you have siblings/grandparents/nephews/nieces that want to hold your baby and get a good babysitting experience during your weekly visit, then a stroller can help them enjoy it more by giving them enough time to rest, especially if they like taking walks.

Stroller Disadvantages:

1. Cost Money:

Strollers are an initial investment and will cost you anywhere from $60-500 dollars depending on the brand, features, and style that you want. Remember that saving money is not only about finding a great car seat but also finding the right stroller so try to find one that has all the features you need and that is within your budget.

2. Must be cleaned often:

Since babies get dirty easily, it’s very important to clean their strollers as often as needed. The right stroller will have a way to remove the seat, straps, and all the extra parts that can be washed quickly, easily, and safely.

Are strollers necessary?

Strollers are not a must-have for your child and most parents do just fine without one, they often use slings and baby carriers to get around but strollers are handy, time-saving devices that can be used over and over again by many children. This means that you’ll never have to buy another one but instead save money, time, and your back.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you don’t have to get a stroller but many parents find them very useful especially in saving time and getting around. If you’re like me and get tired of carrying or holding your baby, then getting a stroller is necessary for you as well as other busy parents with children. Remember that the more expensive ones are not always the best and just because it has all the features that you want doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your needs. Try to find a balance between quality, price, and features.