How to Clean Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a great alternative for wearers because they can be reused.

They keep the environment cleaner and help reduce waste, which has been seen to speed up global warming. However, cloth diapering can be hard work on the parent’s end.

There is some controversy over whether or not cloth diapering is still worth it in this day and age.

Since cloth diapering takes time and effort from parents, many people think disposable diapers are better for them.

This article aims to help those who prefer cloth diapers learn how to properly wash and dry the diapers, lets get to it.

How to Clean Cloth Diapers Step by Step:

Clean Cloth Diapers

1. Prepare Diapers to Be Washed:

Before you can wash your diapers, it is very important that you prepare them.

To properly wash the cloth diapers, you must wash the entire diaper before scrubbing it. Here are a few ways to prepare your diapers:

It’s better to practice waiting until a couple of diapers are dirty instead of washing them after every use that’s where diaper pails come in handy.

2. Use a Scent-Free Detergent:

Use scent-free detergent that is soft on cloth diapers. Without scenting them up for washing, the diapers can have a white residue and look a little dingy after washing.

The type of soap/detergent you use will depend on your personal preference but it’s always a good idea to avoid detergents with added perfume and various chemicals.

3. Wash in Warm Water:

It is recommended that you wash your diapers in warm water. The proper temperature for washing diapers is between 90 F and 120 F.

Use cold water if you will not be drying them in the sun or warm air at all times.

4. Do Not Use Fabric Softeners:

Do not use fabric softener when laundering cloth diapers since they leave a residue on the laundry during washing and rinse cycles that can clog sew holes or cause leaks and other problems.

5. Wash Cloth Diapers:

The next step is to clean the diapers by washing them with warm water and some detergent.

Be sure not to use too much detergent since it can leave stains on the diaper if you drink some water through them before, during, or after washing cloth diapers.

6. Lay Diapers out To Dry:

In order to clean your diapers properly, you have to lay them out to dry after washing.

This step is very important for the proper development of cloth diapers. It prevents odor from forming and it keeps them from fading or getting damaged.

If there is no sun where you live, place a fan in front of a heater which will help to dry your diapers much faster than drying them in the air will.

Dry Cloth Diapers Outside in The Sun:

If you are not using a drying machine, lay your diapers out in the sun to dry.

You would be surprised at how fast they will dry outside in the sun than inside if you have to use a fan or heater.

Remember to turn them over once to allow for even drying.

5. Use Bleaching Agent (Optional):

If you wish to use a bleaching agent, add it to the cycle. Be careful though, since chlorine bleach can damage diapers or discolor fabrics such as cotton.

This does sound like a great method but I suggest you use it on clothing that has already been washed and dried at least once so it can off-gas any harmful chemicals first.

6. Store Your Cloth Diapers:

Once your diapers are dry and clean, make sure you store them properly. Damp diapers have a tendency to get odor-causing bacteria on them.

You can wear your clean diapers or put them into the pail after drying.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is washing cloth diapers sanitary?

yes, but As long as your diapers are washed, rinsed, and dried properly, they are completely germ-free.

If you do not wash your diapers correctly, you will not be able to use them for a dryer and will have to wash them again.

Even if the diaper is washed after every use, it can still be soiled by fecal matter or sweat residue that the diaper won’t be fully clean until it is washed again.

How often should you wash cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers should be washed every two days. This will prevent the buildup of odor-causing bacteria and help to maintain the cleanliness of the diaper.

If, however, you use disposables, you should wash your cloth diapers after every time they are used as they do not contain any absorbent material which means a baby’s feces and urine will continue to sit in the diaper until it washed.

Final Thoughts!

Washing cloth diapers is not as hard as it might seem, once you get into the habit of doing it properly.

This is a much cheaper alternative to disposable diapers and can be even more convenient when you know how to wash them properly.

If you want your cloth diapers to last, follow the instructions carefully and you will have them for several years.