GroVia Diapers: An Eco-Friendly Cloth Diaper System

Cloth diapers were scary in the ’90s. I remember babysitting in high school and praying the family was using disposables. Changing a cloth diaper was torture, and putting a new one on felt like rocket science. You can understand why disposable diapers became so popular. Times have changed; we now have landfills full of diapers that will never breakdown. Convenience has come at a price, and families are turning to cloth solutions once more.

The Grovia cloth diaper range is an innovation by The Natural Baby Company, run by a mother of six, there is no surprise this eco-friendly diapering system resolves almost all problems associated with traditional cloth diapers of the past. A top seller in its market, GroVia are easy to clean, reusable, come in a wide range of sizes to keep baby dry, and are grandparent and babysitter friendly! What is really cool about this brand is that they have an optional disposable and biodegradable soaker pad. Guilt-free disposable option!

The Grovia Diaper System entered the cloth diaper market in 2009, designed by founder and mother Kim Ormsby. They are now considered some of the best cloth diapers money can buy. This review will help you navigate your way around deciding on the best GroVia cloth diapering option for your family and assist those new to the world of reusable cloth diapers!

GroVia Main Product Lines:

All In One Simplicity and convenience Check Price
All In One Newborn AIO for newborns Check Price
O.N.E. One-size cloth diaper  Check Price
Hybrid All-in-two style Diaper Check Price
Trainers The Cloth Solution to Pull-Ups! Check Price
Swim Cloth swimming diaper design Check Price

What Parents Are Saying About GroVia Cloth Diapers

Grovia is a standout favorite among parents and is one of the top 6 most popular cloth diaper brands. One parent said:

“I love our GroVia cloth diapers. My husband was concerned about cloth being difficult, but GroVia made it super easy. We use the hybrid system during the day and the O.N.E.s at nighttime. They are of excellent quality and easy to wash. Plus, they have really cute prints!†–Shandra.

It is fair to say that GroVia and other innovative cloth diapering brands have transformed how many parents now view using cloth diapers. The old days of folding, pinning, cleaning, bleaching, and handling a smelly cloth diaper mess are over. The Natural Baby Company has a unique diapering system with GroVia that has made it easier for parents to choose cloth over traditional disposable materials. As you will see below, GroVia has a solution for almost everything.

Grovia all in one cloth diaper options with fun wacky patterns

GroVia All In One Cloth Diapers

The Grovia all in ones is great for newborns and first-time parents. They are also handy to have if you are using grandparents or a babysitter and want a no-fuss diaper option that requires no instructions! Some parents prefer to use the all-in-one diaper for nighttime changes so that they can get back to sleep as quickly as possible after a night change.


  • No stuffing soaker pads in or out of the shell liner. Everything is already done for you simply pop the diaper on!
  • No folding is needed.
  • One size designed to grow with your baby (10-15 pounds).
  • Trim fit to avoid leakage.
  • No pins, just snap on and off.
  • Grovia supplies bio liners- thin biodegradable liners that are disposable and allow you to remove solids from the diaper to the bin without too much mess! (More about this later!)

Something special about the GroVia all-in-one cloth diaper is that it is the only certified 100% organic cotton design currently on the cloth diaper market.

GroVia Layer Information:

  • The outer layer is 100% water-resistant TPU.
  • The outer layer is lined with two organic cotton pads.
  • The inner layer soaker comprises of 100% certified organic cotton made up of four layers for effective absorbency.
  • Every layer is chemical-free and safe on your baby’s skin, so diaper rash is less likely.

AIO Range:

Grovia's Hybrid cloth diapers in a variety of patterns and stripes

GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diapers

Unlike the AIO, the hybrids are a reusable diaper shell design that can be used for up to three diaper changes. You only need to change the snap-in organic cotton soaker pad, making the diaper shell an economical choice. GroVia Hybrid diapers are trendy, and they come in almost every color and pattern you could think of.


  • Cheaper than the ordinary cloth diaper option.
  • Easy diaper change as this GroVia only requires you to remove the organic cotton soaker pad and pop in a fresh one, or you can use the single-use disposable bio soaker option!
  • Two types of fastening options available- snap or hook and loop closure. Reviews have indicated many parents prefer the snap option.
  • 100% waterproof shell with versatile adjustment sizes ensures the shell can fit babies from 8-30 pounds.
  • The organic soaker pad snaps into place, securing its position, ensuring no leaks.
  • Easy to clean and dry. The Hybrid diaper shell is designed to dry quickly, making it even more convenient if you have less of them!
  • Night and day absorbency options are available in the organic soaker pad range.

GroVia has a handy Youtube channel that demonstrates how easy the GroVia hybrid system can be to use. You can watch it here.

As you can see, this is a very versatile cloth diaper system making cleaning easier, making changing more manageable, allowing you to customize for the baby’s comfort, size, and absorbency needs.

If you are seriously looking at using the GroVia Hybrid Diaper System, you will need to learn all about the GroVia snap in soaker pads and boosters:

GroVia’s Organic Cotton Soaker Pad

The snap in organic cotton soaker pad absorbs all the moisture from inside the baby’s diaper shell. They both possess a TPU waterproof layer underneath to keep the diaper shell dry. There are two types of pads to choose from.

  1. The organic cotton soaker pad
  2. The microfibre terry soaker pad

GroVia’s Organic Cotton Soaker Boosters

Sometimes you may need a little extra protection in your baby’s diaper. These organic cotton soaker booster pads can be used overnight for longer diaper wear or long road trips. Like all GroVia’s products, these are easily machine washable and easy to dry.

Grovia Trainer Diapers

My Choice Trainers – The Cloth Solution to Pull-Ups!

GroVia really has thought of everything. Training pants are an essential part of a child’s development, and it is good to know you can continue using the same reliable, safe, and green brand throughout your child’s formative years.

My Choice Trainers are made for potty training your little one. Designed to fit more like underwear than a diaper, these trainers have less absorbency, so your child will begin to notice when they are uncomfortably wet.


  • Big kid control — Your child will have the freedom to pull their trainers up and down to sit on the potty or toilet with ease.
  • Absorbent enough for accidents — Cloth training pants come equipped with a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend and a pocket to add extra absorbency if needed.
  • Economical and environmental — Traditional training pants are expensive and add more waste to landfills. These cloth trainers are reusable and will save you money.
  • Washable and reusable solution — When children are potty training, they will go through an abundance of underwear, and you have to scrub them and often throw them away. Cloth trainers are a great alternative to underwear and will be much easier to clean up!

Grovia Swimmer Diapers

GroVia Cloth Swim Diapers

There is nothing worse than a saggy, soggy swim diaper that doesn’t fit properly when wet. GroVia has developed a cloth swimming diaper design that has several benefits you won’t get in a disposable swimming diaper:

  1. Your baby can wear the cloth swimming diaper to the pool in the car or pushchair. If the swim diaper gets dirty, you can change the soaker pads easily, and you don’t have to throw the diaper shell away!
  2. Unlike a traditional swimming diaper, the GroVia cloth swimming diaper is designed to look like swimwear, available in various patterns and colors.
  3. The cloth swimming shell fits snuggly on the baby with adjustable fittings to make sure nothing escapes into the pool!
  4. You will save money! Unlike a traditional swimming diaper, a cloth swim diaper will only be purchased once. Traditional disposables are usually expensive, and you may need several in one day of water play.
  5. A green-minded cloth swimming diaper will not increase landfill and minimize waste created by your family. You can purchase a GroVia swimming diaper with a clear conscience.
What makes the GroVia swim cloth diaper so great is the incredible size range made available for babies to toddlers:
  • Size 1 (10-19 lbs.)
  • Size 2 (16-33 lbs.)
  • Size 3 (25-50 lbs.)

It looks like you will always have a great fitting pair of swimmers for your little one, and there is no chance of any accidents!

How Many GroVia Cloth Diapers Do You Need?

As if being a parent isn’t hard enough, now you have all these diaper options to choose from! Let’s look at things you will need to consider with GroVia:

  • The age and size of your baby will determine the absorbency level your baby will need. The number of snap in soaker and boosters will depend on each baby.
  • If you have used disposables in the past, you can use previous experience to help guide your child’s current needs.
  • Look on the GroVia website and consider buying a bundle to start with. Bundles save money and are recommended by the manufacturer.

GroVia Hybrid Bundles come in 3 options:

  1. Starter- 2 to 4 shells with 4 to 8 snap organic cotton soaker pads
  2. Part-Time- 6 to 8 shells with 12 to 16 snap organic cotton soaker pads
  3. Full Time- 12 to 14 shells with 24 to 28 snap organic cotton soaker pads

All In One bundles (one size fits all) come in 3 options:

  1. Starter- 4 to 6 diapers for parents just starting out.
  2. Part-Time- 10 to 16 diapers for parents that want to use cloth some of the time.
  3. Full Time- 22 to 26 diapers for the parents that are ready to go all in!

O.N.E Bundle options:

  1. Starter- 4 to 6 (no absorbent inserts needed)
  2. Part-Time- 9 to 14 (no absorbent inserts needed)
  3. Full Time- 22 to 26 (no absorbent inserts needed)

AIO New Born Bundle options:

  1. Starter- 4 to 6 ( no snap inserts required)
  2. Part-Time- 10 to 16 (no snap inserts required)
  3. Full Time- 22-26 (no snap inserts required)

Trainer Bundle options:

  1. Starter- 2 to 4 covers, 2 to 4 side flex panels, and 2 to 4 organic cotton boosters
  2. Part-Time- 6 to 8 covers, 6 to 8 side flex panels, and 6 to 8 organic cotton boosters
  3. Full Time- 12 to 14 covers, 12-14 side flex panels, and 12-14 organic cotton boosters

How Long do GroVia Products Last?

GroVia products are extremely durable, but it can depend on how often you need to wash them. If you only have a few and rotate them often, they are suggested to last around 10-12 months. It would seem wise to purchase enough cloth diapers to have a few in the wash at once at least! The harsher the detergent you use on the material, the faster it will deteriorate, so make sure you try to use something mild.

GroVia Maintenance

When writing about how long your GroVia products should last, I realized a few extra things should be mentioned. As suggested earlier, washing too often and using harsh detergents can really shorten the life of your fabric. Another sure way to quickly destroy cloth diaper material is to leave them sitting with waste in them for long periods of time. The disposable bio liners make it easy to throw waste away and allow you to get that diaper into some water to soak without too much mess. This same rule applies for not changing your baby often enough. The longer a little one sits in a smelly diaper, the longer it has to damage skin and stain the material resulting in more intensive washing.

Final Thoughts

Bulky, heavy, leaky cloth diapers are a thing of the past. In fact, diaper rash used to be associated with cloth diapers. Now diaper rash is associated with chemicals, perfumes, and synthetic materials found in many disposables. The Natural Baby Company has found a way to offer a completely chemical-free, organic, soft, and environmentally friendly solution for all your diaper needs. Most importantly, GroVia has done this and managed to make cloth diapers just as easy as using disposable diapers.