How to Get Rid of Stinky Diapers: A Guide

You might be wondering how to get rid of these stinky diapers? We have some smart solutions for you.

Here, we will first identify the causes and main reasons regarding why diapers stink, and then you can explore the possible number of solutions.

We know that stinky diapers are simply unbearable. You might not be disposing or washing them properly and they end up giving you nasty smells and odors.

You Can See the Details Now!

What Are Stinky Diapers?

Stinky Diapers

Whenever the diaper gives out the smell likewise given out by the wet clothes, it means you have got stinky diapers at your end.

Such a smell comes out because you are not washing and cleaning them up in a proper way. It is time that you should improve and upgrade your diaper wash routine yours.

If you think that cold wash and detergent washing routine is still giving you stinky diapers, it means time to think of something else.

It is believed that if the diapers are giving out a smell like that of a barnyard, it means that they are not properly cleaned. In this regard, you can be upping your detergent quantity.

Like, if you are using 2 tablespoons of detergent for cleaning the diapers, then try increasing the amount so that a more fresh detergent smell gets injected into them.

On the other hand, if the diapers are releasing the smell like that of ammonia, it all means that there is a detergent residue left in the diapers. 

The only solution is to wash that respective diaper with hot water again and again until no ammonia smell is given out by it.

What Causes Stinky Diapers?

Stinky Diapers

Lots of causes have been identified that bring up the issue of having stinky diapers, below you can see and check out the details in this concern:

Diapers give out a bad odor because they have not been properly dried and are still wet. The smell of a wet cloth diaper is unbearable and tough to tolerate.

Moreover, the overproduction of ammonia makes the diaper give off a nasty smell.

When you fail to use enough detergent, then diapers give out bad odors of pees and poops released by the baby.

Moreover, if you avoid washing the diapers with good quality detergent and hot water, they will give out a good and fresh smell.

Washing the diapers with hard water makes them stinky as well.

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Let us have a look at some of the ideal solutions so that you can eliminate the problem of having stinky diapers in less time.

  • The very first solution is that you should be dumping the diapers if they are not reusable.
  • Dump them in the solid waste can as soon as possible.
  • There is no need to wash them if they are not reusable.
  • Take some good-quality zip lock bags and toss those nasty smelled diapers in them.
  • Most people prefer using these sandwich zip-locs for getting rid of dirty diapers.
  • Invest in a small trash can and toss the diapers as soon as they get filled with your baby poop.
  • In the trash can, you can add 5 to 10 drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • This may help you in reducing the stinky and nasty smell coming out from the diapers.
  • Whenever you change the trash can bag, use this oil and you will not smell any foul odor.
  • To get rid of stinky diapers, you need to empty and replace the zip lock bags every single day.
  • Furthermore, you can sprinkle a little bit of baking soda right there in the base section of your Ziploc bag and reduce the foul odor coming from the diapers.
  • This tip gives out a very clean scent and it will be easy for you to keep the bad and foul odor down.
  • We hope that these options will work for you.
  • They work perfectly and do not cost that much.


You can further share with us how you get rid of stinky diapers! Parents indeed having babies from O to 3 years, they spot the problem of stinky and foul odor diapers on frequent notes.

You can try out these tips and let us know whether they give valuable results to you or not.

A stinky diaper just makes your whole home ambiance unbearable. If you leave this situation as it is, then it will be difficult for you to stand in your own house for one minute.

So, make the diapers stink-free and dispose of them immediately and without any delay.