How Long do Diapers Last Unopened?

You could probably guess that diapers expire because the companies don’t want to make money off of them. But diapers in general are not a product you’ll find marked with an expiration date on them like fruits or vegetables would be in the produce aisle, so it’s not immediately obvious how long they’ll last.

The safe answer is to try and use them within two years of purchase. This is a rule of thumb and not a hard-and-fast expiration date, but the fact that these diapers can last many months to a year or more without being used is probably enough to make you want to use them up instead of throwing them away.

How long can you keep disposable diapers?

There are basically two types of diapers that you can buy:

1. Disposable “training” diapers, which are used to gradually wean a baby off of disposable diapers because they can cause diaper rash.

2. Regular disposable diapers that last around 1-2 years unopened before they start to lose their effectiveness and then need to be thrown in the trash.

So how long can you leave regular disposable diapers in a box before they go bad? The general rule is that it’s safe to keep them for about 2 years. But realistically, you should use them within a year or so of purchase, just to avoid being stuck with useless diapers.

Can you save diapers for the next baby?

If you’re expecting again soon, it’s a good idea to save your disposable diapers for the new baby. They are still good even after leaving the store on the shelf for a few months as long as they are still sealed in their original packaging. Generally, you should use them within 1-2 years of purchase to avoid complications, although diapers don’t really have an expiration date, it’s always good practice to use them with 2 years.

What can I do with extra unopened diapers?

If you have some extra disposable diapers that you don’t plan on using, you can donate them to a local community organization that helps out families in need.

There are diaper drives in most cities and towns where you can drop off an unopened package of diapers. Most organizations will also accept opened packages as long as they are not extremely soiled or torn.

If you feel comfortable, there is also the option of selling your unused diapers online – however, this may take some extra work on your part, and you should not expect to make back anything near what you paid for them.

What happens if I throw away disposable diapers?

Technically speaking, it’s not illegal to throw away unused disposable diapers in your regular trashcan. However, this practice is frowned upon by some people, especially those in the medical field who promote the use of cloth diapers.

Those who advocate for throwing your diapers away unopened are usually just trying to be environmentally friendly or save money, (because it costs more to dispose of them) while others think that their disposal habits could cause diaper rash in another child.

What happens if you use expired diapers?

Nothing, Fortunately, Diapers don’t expire. They can be used long after the recommended use date and are not affected by passing time. Once you are aware that diapers don’t expire, you will never have to worry about expired diapers again.

How do I store cloth diapers?

When you buy cloth diapers, the package will say how long they should be stored. In general, they are safe for use for at least 2-3 years (but not after) from the date of purchase or manufacture. You can find a longer storage guideline on the manufacturer of your diaper if you would like to know more. You should also know that when cloth diapers become visibly soiled, they cannot be used again and need to be thrown away.

How do I store unused disposable diapers?

It is always a good idea to keep unused disposable diapers in their original packaging until you use them. if the original packaging is damaged you can always put them in a tightly sealed plastic and always keep them in a dry and cool place.

Conclusion on Do Diapers Expire

Now that you know that diapers don’t really expire, you don’t have to worry about throwing your unused diapers out or revising your rule of thumb. You can use them safely for as long as they are not visibly soiled and are stored in a dry and cool place.