What Is My Parenting Style? Four Types of Parenting

Being a parent is a responsible duty and one has to perform this duty with so much responsibility, care, and attention.

In addition, not all parents are the same and all of them possess different Types of parenting styles. Here you can catch up with the details of them.

These parenting styles tell us how we raise and nurture our children.

Most importantly, parents possess lots of common things among them but each of them tries their level best to raise their kids in the best possible manner.

In this piece of writing, you can catch up with the details of common parenting styles.

By opting for any of these parenting styles, parents pursue a combination of strategies so that they can positively raise their children.

You might have heard about the work of diane baumrind! It talked about the Types of parenting And this work was published during the time of the 1960s.

These parenting styles are given the name of authoritarian or disciplinarian style, permissive or indulgent style, uninvolved parenting style, and authoritative parenting style.

Baumrind Parenting Styles: Four Types of Parenting:

Parenting Styles

We have mentioned the details on these four types of parenting, you can go through the details now:

Authoritarian Parenting:

Lots of parents come out as authoritarian parents. It is one of the common types of parenting that you may have come across so far.

In addition, such parents are perceived and believed to be disciplinarians. They make use of a particular disciplinary style and expect their kids to follow a strict routine.

In this parenting style, we spot and see the possibility of little negotiation.

Furthermore, punishment is a common factor in this style. Authoritative parents do not encourage feedback coming from their kid’s side.

They prefer one-way communication, explain the rules and expectations for the child to abide by those rules.

Permissive Parenting:

Moving to the details of permissive parenting style! Most noteworthy, such parents are also given the name indulgent parents.

They allow their children whatever they feel like doing in their lives and provide them with little kind of guidance.

In these types of parenting, parents give minimal or no direction to their children. Their mission is to come out as friends of their kids rather than becoming strict parents.

Furthermore, this parenting style does not encapsulate any of the strict rules. Here no discipline factor is involved!

Two-way communication is seen in this exclusive parenting type. All in all, parents come out to be warm as well as nurturing.

Uninvolved Parenting:

Uninvolved Parenting

Then next we have an uninvolved parenting style! So, such parents give a lot of and maximum freedom to their children.

They do not interfere in their lives and give them the utmost liberty to do whatever in their lives.

In such types of parenting, parents make and come up with a conscious decision that they will not sneak into their child’s life.

Here you see and spot no particular discipline style. Moreover, we see the limited presence of communication.

Authoritative Parenting:

The last parenting style is none other than authoritative parenting. We have seen and commonly observed that authoritative parents are the most reasonable looking parents.

They nurture their children in the most responsible style.

In addition, these parents have always set clear standards and clear expectations. These parents remain self-disciplined and expect the same from their children.

Experts have believed that this kind of parenting style has brought so many benefits both for parents and children.

Besides, parents set clear disciplinary rules for their kids. If you can think of more types of parenting, do let us know about them.

Let’s Talk About My Parenting Techniques:

Parenting Style

Now, you have come to know about the different types of parenting, it will now be easy for the new parents to choose the parenting style.

It is best and recommended to choose the combination and amalgamation of different parenting styles.

You can parent, raise and nurture your kid in the above-mentioned 4 ways. It is useless if you just adopt and embrace the authoritarian parenting style, try the combination of them.

How Upbringing Affects Children:

Lots of factors are entailed and injected that determine how your child will turn out to be!

It is seen that if both of the parents follow the exact parenting style, then it will be easy for them to raise their kids.

Your child’s development may get impacted and affected depending on his temperament level.

If the temperament of your child does not fit his parents, then the nurturing and raising phase may come out to be tougher.

Furthermore, the child’s peer and friend’s group may impact and influence how he turns out to be later in his life!

In the coming up times, we are coming across more of the different types of parenting. Like, you may have heard about helicopter parenting. 

This parenting style works in a way like we have an authoritative style. The only difference is that this respective parenting style involves a little bit more care, attention, and involvement.

Then we have a free range of parenting styles. It works in a way like we have the uninvolved style.

The only difference is that the free-range parenting style involves the presence of making conscious decisions.

Other Parenting Techniques:

Parenting Styles

Below we have penned down and elaborated more of the information on the varied types of parenting.

First of all, being a parent, there is no need to put a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You should try to raise and nurture your kids in both an authoritarian and friendly manner.

Parenting is not about feeling exhausted all the time! You can check out lots of webinars and get to know about the perfect and ideal parenting styles.

You can look back at the past and see what parenting style had been opted by your grandfathers.

This analysis will give you a better idea regarding which parenting style will suit you and which one not.

The conscious demand to come out as the best parents and to keep on nurturing the best children have made this job challenging.

That is why this job of parenting has been filled with stress, tiredness, and exhaustion.

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So, what’s the bottom line? All of these types of parenting encompass and possess a certain amount of significance and importance in their niches.

You can share with us which parenting style you prefer and work on your kids!

Keep tuned with us and we will update you more on the types of parenting, so do not go anywhere.