How to Make Fleece Liners for Cloth Diapers?

Here is this interesting guide that helps you in making fleece liners with all ease.

If you have a baby and you often use cloth diapers, then try making it a practice of using fleece liners instead of using any commercial liners.

Most importantly, upon using a fleece liner, the poop will not get stuck either with the liner or diaper.

Here you can see the easy and simple guide on making a fleece liner and if you come across any confusion, get back to us with your questions.

These liners work magically and make it simple for the parents to clean the pees and poops from these diaper liners.

You can witness this same experience as well; check out the below-written details:

Detail Analysis Of Cloth Diapers Liners:

Cloth Diaper Liners

You might be wondering what cloth diaper liners are; here we will give you the basic information about them.

These liners generally and commonly come in the form of simple fabric pieces. In addition, you insert this liner piece in between the diaper and baby.

You will always come across two main kinds and types of cloth diaper liners and they are disposable and reusable.

If you have planned to get disposable diaper liners, keep in mind such liners consist of a thin fabric extracted from bamboo.

You can use these liners for one time only and not more than that! After that, you have to dispose of those liners in the garbage can. If your diaper liner is biodegradable, then you can flush it out.

Talking about these reusable diaper liners, they are made with the help of fleece material.

Furthermore, these liners are cheap, budget-friendly, and also easy to make. Below you can see more of the details on this respective category of fleece liners.

Keep in mind that cloth diaper liners showcase various advantages. They manage to keep your baby bun safe and dry enough.

Moreover, with the use of cloth diaper liners, they successfully keep all of the stains at bay.

Their clean-up process is simple and quick if you are using their reusable version. If you often travel, then carrying these diaper liners is a must for you.

Diy Fleece Liners for Cloth Diapers Supplies:

A minimum number of supplies is needed if you are interested in making fleece liners from your home.

You Only Need!

  • Fleece fabric.
  • Scissors.

The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to get the fleece fabric that does not fray at all. In this manner, you do not have to stitch that fleece fabric.

Experts have recommended getting the polar fleece fabric because this is the most suitable fabric type for making liners.

If you use some other fleece fabric, then you may not get the same results likewise offered by the polar fleece.

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How to Make Your Fleece Liners for Cloth Diapers:

fleece liners

Once you have come to know what supplies are needed and required to make fleece liners.

Now, you can have a look at the rest of the details.

There is no technical stop involved and injected while making these fleece diaper liners.

Just keep in mind the diaper sizing and cut the fleece fabric accordingly. You might go a little bit wrong while cutting the fleece fabric, but there is no need to worry in this regard.

We can give a general tip that the fleece fabric should be cut down a little bit as compared to the diaper size.

  1. The very first step while making fleece liners is to lay down the polar fleece fabric over the cloth diaper.
  2. This step will help you determine what kind of size you want!
  3. You need to make this thing very much sure that the fleece liners have come out a bit smaller as compared to the size of a cloth diaper.
  4. However, the liner should not be a lot smaller in size.
  5. Determine and finalize the size in a way that the fleece liner should remain easy and simple to move around.
  6. Now, you can cut down the polar fleece fabric with the help of good-quality scissors.
  7. This is all! You are done with the process of making a suitable and desirable fleece liner for your baby.
  8. If you think that there is no need to sew the fleece liner, then avoid doing so.
  9. This kind of fabric does not fray.
  10. In addition, you can freely wash these fleece liners likewise you wash your normal diaper laundry items.

Undoubtedly, such a diaper liner will give parents and babies a great experience. Moreover, this fabric type works miraculously.

It acts in the form of a barrier and does not irritate your child while he or she pees! These fleece liners make the diapers more absorbent. 

Besides, this fabric has claimed that it does not bring irritation to your baby bum. You can use it surely and see the irritation and rash-free experience at your end.


If you have ever involved yourself in the making of fleece liners for cloth diapers, then let us know your experience.

We know that these liners are easy to make and you will not see any hassle in making them.

In addition, if you do not want to spend too much money on buying diapers, then it is better to make such liners from your home.

We have mentioned the guide with you, follow it, and make as many liners for cloth diapers as you want!

It is high time that you should ditch and say goodbye to these disposable cloth diaper liners.

Get hold of these fleece liners and get back to us with your reviews for sure.

We are sure that this practice will bring your cloth diapering on the budget-friendly path.

You will find them easy to make and they are also very cheap.

Keep tuned with us so that more information on diaper liners can be shared with you.