What Is Authoritative Parenting? A Guide (2022)

Authoritative parenting is the combination of limit setting and delivering minimum warmth towards your children.

If you are looking for the details on what is authoritative parenting, then check out this post. Here we have deeply and keenly explored this respective parenting style.

Most importantly, opting for this parenting style, is marked as the best and ideal approach so far.

Through such a practice, parents will be able to ensure improved academic performance in their kids and be able to improve their mental health as well.

If you want to practically implement this parenting style, then make sure to attend a few of the therapy sessions so that you can better understand its core purpose.

Now, you can see further details on what is authoritative parenting!

Learn About Authoritative Parenting:

Authoritative Parenting

Most of you know that there are three types and major kinds of parenting styles and they are authoritative, authoritarian, and also permissive. Here our focus of attention will be on the authoritarian parents.

These are the kind of parents that strictly and diligently enforce rules on their kids. They fully know how to restrict and limit their child’s freedom and when to give him the liberty.

If this parenting style is implemented in the wrong manner, then your child will perform poorly or even worse in his academic life.

Kids of such parents start carrying lower self-esteem. To become authoritative parents, you need to make sure that you combine the elements of warmth and love along with the assurance of enforcing rules and limits.

Moving to more of the details on what is authoritative parenting, this parenting style is about balancing the elements of demandingness and responsiveness.

When it comes to demandingness, parents enforce rules and they keenly monitor their children.

They set up mature expectations. On the other hand, when it comes to responsiveness, parents start to understand the emotional and mental states of their children. Authoritative parents are both caring, supportive.

In addition, they are extensively attentive to every single need of their child. They are the ones who set up rules and fix boundaries and expect their kids to follow these rules.

Below we have penned- down more of the information on what is authoritative parenting!

Characteristics Of Authoritative Parents:

Below we have listed down the main traits that tell you more about what is authoritative parenting!

You can clearly understand the fact that authoritative parents tend to become both warm and loving when it comes to their children.

Though they set limits and strict rules, it eventually comes out to be beneficial for their child.

In addition, such parents conflict calmly and they show the traits of empathy and compassion.

These parents do not yell and shout and handle the situation with utmost decency.

Furthermore, they prefer showing their love and acceptance towards their child. Such parents are the most expressive of all and they do now show hesitation when expressing their love.

Moreover, authoritative parents expect their children to follow all of the rules and regulations set by them.

Firstly, they explain the rules and make their child understand that these strict rules and regulations will favor their future life prospects.

These kinds of parents remain consistent when it comes to deciding rules and any of the expectations.

They remain on their toes and keep a closer eye to see whether their child has been following the rules or not.

Benefits Of Authoritative Parenting:

Advantages of Authoritative Parenting

Now, you have grabbed some of the basic information on what is authoritative parenting, below you can see what the major advantages of this parenting style are!

If you are the child of an authoritative parent, then you will always perform better and quite excellent during your academic life.

Such parents show huge involvement in their child’s academic life, they fully know in which subject he is progressing and in which subject he is weak!

In addition, such parents encourage achievement and boost the element of independence in their children. They motivate their child to explore their academic prospects more and more.

They boost and push their children to do career exploration. Authoritative parenting brings a positive and strong impact on the emotional well-being of a child.

Their child starts attaining higher self-esteem. He starts to show more and more confidence.

Moreover, he shows lower rates of depression and stress.

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Examples Regarding Authoritative Parenting:

Authoritative Parenting

There are a few authoritative parenting examples that you should keep in mind.

These examples will further clear your queries on what is authoritative parenting:


Suppose you have a toddler and he is currently in the argument state with his one-year-old brother.

He hits his brother because of anger because he is not giving him toys to play with.

So, being an authoritative parent, what role and action are you going to display? We are going to tell you.

You will give half of the toys to your toddler son and make him understand that hitting and getting angry is not the only solution.

Such parents will make their toddlers understand that hurting the other person is not fine.

Thus, authoritative parents will make them teach that violence is not at all acceptable.

Screen Time:

Do you know how much screen time is allowed by the authoritative parents, we are going to tell you over here!

If there is a 10-year-old son and he constantly adopts the screen time for hours and hours.

An authoritative parent will be the one who will make their child understand that extensive screen time is not at all healthy.

Such parents will limit the screen time and only allow their child to have 20 minutes of screen time and not more than that.

Right now, if you have any ambiguity on what is authoritative parenting, let us know for sure.


Suppose you have a 14-year-old son and he constantly fails in his exams. Though you have given him warnings, he is not paying any heed and attention to your warnings.

Being an authoritative parent, you are not going to allow him to play any further video games, screen time, social media usage time.

This way, he might positively reinforce himself and start to study with serious attention and dedication.

Alcohol Use:

Lastly, we have this example of alcohol use!

Through this example and illustration, you will get to know more about what is authoritative parenting!

Suppose, you have found a wine bottle in your 15-year-old son’s closet, and being an authoritative parent, there is some responsible action that you have to display.

You can politely ask your son for how long he has been into alcohol use.

In addition, you can initiate a thoughtful conversation and make him understand that alcohol use is simply destructive for his life.

How Therapy Can Help Parents Adapt Their Style:

Parents Adapt

If you are interested in adapting to this respective style, then make sure to attend some therapeutic sessions.

These sessions will make you comprehend the important aspects on what is authoritative parenting!

Lots of therapists are out there including professional psychologists and counselors who train parents to raise their kids in the best manner.

If you become a part of these therapy sessions, then you will better come to know how to work with your child both mentally and emotionally.

You can contact any of the family therapists (MFTs) and they will make you comprehend how to ideally work with kids, couples, and families.

Most importantly, these sessions improve and enhance your parenting skills. You become better and responsible parents.

These therapists identify your strengths and weaknesses as parents and push you to become stronger and responsible parents with every single passed-out day.

Whenever you choose a family therapist, make sure that he should be specialized in his area and niche.

The results of such therapies are massive and quite beneficial. Like, these therapies will teach authoritative parents how to encourage their kids to obey all of the rules set by them.

In addition, these sessions will make you more loveable, warm, and caring parents. You become more responsive towards your child.

If you wish to embrace this authoritative parenting style, then make sure to attend a few of the sessions that will tell you what is authoritative parenting.

After these sessions, you will know how to express and show positive feelings towards your child. Moreover, you get to know how to set firm limits.

Tips to Embrace Authoritative Parenting Style:

Authoritative Parenting Style

Here we have mentioned the tips that may help you in embracing and opting for this parenting style with ease.

Now, you have come to know what is authoritative parenting, you can further check out these tips.

These are the general tips and may assist you in strengthening the base and foundation of your parenting style:

You should keep on expressing love and warmth.

Furthermore, maintain open communication between you and your child. You need to convey your positive feelings to all of your children. Just make them feel how much you love, care and appreciate them.

Make them realize that these limitations and restrictions will only bring good results in their lives.

Next, you have to keep on setting firm limits. It is the duty of authoritative parents that they should maintain the momentum of rules and limits in their child’s lives.

Set the kind of rules that work in the best interest of your child. Parents have to remain regular in enforcing and applying these rules.

If your child sees difficulty while understanding these rules or he shows hesitation in accepting these rules, then make him understand politely.

You should give the proper explanation of your set rules and expectations and make sure to convey the same message to every single child of yours.

If your child has any questions, you should allow him to enquire about those rules. It is not at all an easy job to embrace this parenting style!

So remain patient and practice patience every single day. Your child might show a lot of exhaustion and frustration while following these rules, so do not panic and hold your patience level.

Lastly, on the guide of what is authoritative parenting, authoritative parents make use of punishment fairly.

When you see that your child has broken a rule, then give him a fair punishment. It should not be that extreme and not that much lenient.

Being an authoritative parent, you have to hold them accountable and enquire from them regarding why they have displayed such offensive behavior.

Come up with a fair punishment and it has to be non-violent as well. In addition, you should try teaching and guiding your children regarding not to show this behavior next time.

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Final Thoughts!

Thus, these are all details on what is authoritative parenting!

Undoubtedly, authoritative parenting is all about embracing and opting for a positive approach.

When becoming a parent and embracing this parenting style, you should show traits like being warm, care, friendly, and responsible towards your child.

Try showing open communication, and remain consistent with your defined rules and limits. The result of pursuing such a parenting style is great enough.

Their child ends up learning how to gain self-control and they start showing the traits of self-responsibility, accountability as well as problem-solving. Thus, this parenting approach shows a lot of benefits.

You can embrace it for sure. It brings a positive impact on the mental, physical and emotional state of your child.

In addition, his academic performance gets improved day by day and he shows tremendous improvement in his emotional well-being.

It is time that you should opt for this authoritative parenting style.

To catch up with more of the details on what is authoritative parenting, you can keep tuned with us and we will constantly guide and update you on this parenting style approach.