10 Best Nighttime Cloth Diaper Reviews – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Parents always make efforts to get in hand the best, durable, and high-quality nighttime cloth diapers for their babies.

You should not use and try out cheap and low-quality brands anymore. We have suggested some of the reliable diaper choices in this post, have a look at them.

These suggested nighttime cloth diapers are available in lots of sizes. In addition, they come in impressive form and give leak-free time.

Furthermore, these diapers are extremely thick. They are of heavy-duty nature and remain versatile. You can also call them reusable cloth diapers.

Upon using them, you will mark them as the most absorbent and perfectly fitted diapers.

Besides, they have got a soft flannel inside and out, and get infused with maximum layers of absorbency.

If you are using typical cloth diapers, then stop doing so and try these recommended diapers.

They hold up to 6 cups of fluid and are ideal to be used day or night.

Best Nighttime Cloth Diaper Reviews:

10. KIJANI BABY Nighttime Cloth Pull up Diapers – Highly Absorbent

KIJANI BABY Nighttime Cloth Pull up Diapers

Kijani baby nighttime cloth pull-up diaper type is highly absorbent.

If you are seeking the best nighttime cloth diapers, we suggest you pick this one!

They come in the form of overnight cloth pull-up style and are ideal to be used for toddlers and preschoolers. You might be wondering why to buy this set, here you can see that!

These diapers have an adjustable waist and legs. They ensure a snug fit and remain compatible to be used on babies having varying ages and sizes.

The catchy part is that these diapers are ethically handmade and manufactured by Ugandan mothers. Besides, they are encased with double layers and made of waterproof fabric.

Thus, it is time to ensure maximum leak protection and it is possible if you pick these diapers.


  • Adjustable waist and legs.
  • Ethically handmade.
  • Waterproof fabric.


  • None.

9. Rearz Nighttime Cloth Diaper – Velcro Closures

Rearz Nighttime Cloth Diaper

Rearz Nighttime Cloth Diaper comprises Velcro closures and that makes them the best of all. You can have them in small and medium sizes.

In addition, they hold and carry up to 6 cups of fluid and that is why we have called them the world-class nighttime cloth diapers. Most importantly, you can either use them during the day or at night.

They show 8 total layers of absorbency and consist of Velcro straps as well. With the help of these straps, you can see a snug fit phase and also a comfortable fitting time.

These diapers are compatible with all baby body types and sizes.

In addition, they are incredibly soft and cover themselves with soft flannel. You will find them very much thick and soft at the same time.


  • It holds up to 6 cups of fluid.
  • Extensive layers of absorbency.
  • Velcro closures.


  • They are not handmade.

8. ECOABLE Overnight Diaper – Adjustable Size

ECOABLE Overnight Diaper

The next suggestion we have is this ecoable overnight diaper!

It arrives in an adjustable size and that makes it more of a reliable diaper choice. Most noteworthy, these are hemp cotton fitted cloth diapers.

In addition, they are leak-free and promise to give a good night’s sleep both to the baby and parent.

This diaper is made of unique hemp material, for the reason that it will not bring rashes problems to your babies!

You can surely order these nighttime cloth diapers as they bring a comfortable environment to your baby.

Apart from having their adjustable size, these diapers have snap buttons and are also injected with soft elastic. This way, the diaper will get the perfect fit on your baby’s bottom.

Moreover, they have a Removable snap-in hemp insert for the sake of customizing absorbency.


  • Hemp cotton fitted.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Snap buttons.


  • Expensive.

7. InControl Nighttime Fitted Cloth Diaper – Ideal For Day And Night

InControl Nighttime Fitted Cloth Diaper

InControl Nighttime Fitted Cloth Diaper remains ideal for those babies who have a 28” – 39” Waist. One of the exclusive qualities possessed by these diapers is that they are highly absorbent.

Very few of the diapers hold up to 6 cups of fluid and this recommendation is one of them.

The only negative part of this suggestion is that it is not waterproof and you have to surround it with a waterproof cover. In addition, you will see 8 total layers of absorbency in it.

The brand has infused these diapers with soft flannel. You can reuse and wash these nighttime cloth diapers as many times as you want to.

Besides, you just have to make sure to wash them properly so that an unhygienic stance may not infect your baby’s body.


  • Versatile.
  • Soft flannel inside.
  • Comfortable fit.


  • No snap buttons.

8. Kawaii Baby Good Night Cloth Diapers – One Size Fits All

Kawaii Baby Good Night Cloth Diapers

Moving on to the honest review on Kawaii Baby Good Night Cloth Diapers, here you can check out that.

You will not see the problem while adjusting these diapers because their one size fits all.

It is ensured by this selected diaper type that your baby will remain comfortable during night and day no matter he pees up to 6 times.

You can see that these nighttime cloth diapers have a three-layer waterproof shell. In addition, they are composed of cozy microfleece lining.

Upon using these diapers, you will start to believe that they are so absorbent. They give extra leak protection and that is another unique quality of them.

If you are out for long hours with your baby, then try using such diapers. They have become a suitable pick for heavy wetters.


  • Three-layer waterproof shell.
  • Stay-Dry Microfiber inserts.
  • Extra leak protection.


  • Slow customer service.

5. Sigzagor Nighttime Cloth Diaper – Comes With Pockets

Sigzagor Nighttime Cloth Diaper

Sigzagor nighttime cloth diaper might suit your babies because it is also one of the exclusive recommendations. It comes in the pocket style and that makes it more unique.

Furthermore, these nighttime cloth diapers are ideal to be used on babies that are from 2 to 5 years old.

This is the rough guide that we have given to you, the rest you can estimate on your own.

The outer layers of these diapers are purely waterproof and also breathable. On the other hand, the inner layer is made with the help of micro-fleece fabric.

It’s one size fits all, which means you do not have to worry about the size part. The presence of hip snaps and also crossover snaps will be able to prevent wing droop.

So, have you decided that you will be buying these diapers for your baby? Do it now and get back to us with your feedback.


  • Breathable.
  • One size fits all.
  • Washable and waterproof.


  • The number of quantity in the pack should be increased.

4. Wegreeco Nighttime Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers – Thoughtfully Designed

Wegreeco Nighttime Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

The next recommendation review is on the wegreeco nighttime baby cloth pocket diapers. No doubt, it is thoughtfully designed.

In the single pack, you will get 6 diapers. In addition, you will get 6 inserts and also 1 wet bag per pack. This one is a one size adjustable diaper type that you should try out.

In addition, it has these three rows of adjustable snaps t so that you can adjust its size accordingly.

This is a suitable recommendation for babies who are in the stages of infancy, toddlerhood. Furthermore, these nighttime cloth diapers have a soft exterior and soft insert.

The exterior side is made of 100% polyester. It is also leak-free and breathable. The brand has shown better construction while making these diapers.

On the other hand, the Inserts are made with the help of 2 layers of microfiber as well as 2 layers of bamboo.


  • Thoughtful package.
  • Soft exterior.
  • Absorbent and soft insert.


  • They need frequent washing and cleaning.

3. Humble Bebe Prefold Nighttime Cloth Diapers – Premium And Unbleached Cotton

Humble Bebe Prefold Nighttime Cloth Diapers

Humble bebe prefold nighttime cloth diapers are made of premium and unbleached cotton and that is why they are loved by so many parents.

First of all, you should know that these top nighttime cloth diapers are not made by using any of the unwanted and toxic chemicals. They guard your baby’s precious skin.

In addition, they are extra and super absorbent. You can see that they are packed with 4x8x4 Layers of cotton and this way you will be able to ensure maximum absorbency.

If you are not satisfied with the use of hemp or synthetic diapers, then you can pick this diaper type and get the best experience. Moreover, they are 16 layers thick.

You can even fold them traditionally and make them fit on newborn babies. You can call them reusable and eco-friendly diapers.

With the arrival of such diapers, they have dramatically decreased and brought down the amount of land-fill.


  • Maximum absorbency.
  • 16 layers thick.
  • Eco-friendly diapers.


  • The package is not thoughtfully designed.

2. Thirsties Reusable Cloth Diaper – New Snap Configuration

Thirsties Reusable Cloth Diaper

How about buying these thirsties reusable cloth diapers? You can try them out because they have an advanced design.

Most importantly, this recommendation is part of a two-piece diapering system.

They are combined and fused with 8 layers of absorbent inserts. Feel free to call them waterproof pocket diapers because they work magically.

Their one size fits on most of the babies, which means parents will not see the sizing issue while picking up this diaper type.

Your baby will enjoy a customizable fit and these nighttime cloth diapers are further ideal for those babies who are from 8 to 40 lbs.

In these diapers, you will see the presence of a newborn insert. They show 3 layers of microfiber terry and also 5 layers of hemp cotton.

Besides, these same sets of diapers are available with thirsties new hook and loop or you can obtain them with a new snap configuration.


  • Waterproof pocket diaper.
  • Customizable fit.
  • Microfiber terry.


  • None.

1. BumGenius Nighttime Cloth Diaper – Made In The USA

BumGenius Nighttime Cloth Diaper

Bum genius nighttime cloth diaper is made of 100% laminated polyester. It is claimed by the brand that the inner side of this diaper is also made of 100% polyester.

Keep in mind that the cover tabs are made of 74% polyester, 15% nylon, and also 11% spandex.

On the other hand, the insert shows the combination and organic construction of 80% polyester and 20% nylon.

These Nighttime cloth diapers Are made in the usa and possess an imported design element in them. They have a patent-pending and leak-proof outer cover.

Furthermore, they deliver the quality of remaining stretch-to-fit and are available in the custom shape and fit. parents have favored using these diapers because they have easy-to-use snap closures.

This is just the One- step cloth diaper type that we have suggested to you. It comes in a semi-attached form and stays dry for hours and hours.

Even more, it is composed of patent pending and a 3 x 3 adjustable snap system.


  • Made in the usa.
  • Leak-proof outer cover.
  • Adjustable snap system.


  • No snap configuration.

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What Are the Various Types of Cloth Diapers?

Various Types of Cloth DiapersLots of types of nighttime cloth diapers have arrived in the market.

If you could not find out a suitable and specific diaper type for your baby, then we hope that these below-mentioned details will help you!

Flats And Prefolds Diapers:

It is one of the basic types of cloth diapers. Such diapers come in the flats and prefolds form. In addition, they are inexpensive and budget-friendly.

Flats diapers come in the square form or you can even have them in the rectangular shape. On the other hand, prefolds come in the three folds cloth form.

Contour Flat Diapers:

Then we have these contoured diapers that must have been tried out by lots of parents out there.

If you do not want to use flat diapers and fitted folding diapers, then feel free to use these contoured diapers. They are cheaper and dry more quickly.

Fitted Cloth Diapers:

Moving to the details of fitted cloth diapers, we have seen that they have come out as the best fit for babies. In addition, these diapers are accompanied by leg holes and allow the element of easy movement.

Moreover, these cloth diapers are composed of lots of layers and your baby ends up having a safe sleep.

Thus, these are some of the major types of nighttime cloth diapers.

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

If your baby is just a few months old, then you might need lots of diapers. Like, in a single day, your baby may end up consuming at least 8 to10 nighttime cloth diapers.

This is just a rough estimation. As soon as you notice the pee and poop schedule of your baby, then it will be easy for you to reduce the usage of diapers.

How Do I Wash Cloth Diapers?

Wash Cloth Diapers

There is a simple way to wash cloth diapers. You just have to throw them in the washing machine and that is all.

Whatever nighttime cloth diapers you have purchased, read out the label directions and wash that diaper accordingly.

In addition, it is recommended to use allergens-free washing detergent while washing the baby diapers. If you use harsh chemicals, then such a practice may damage your baby’s sensitive skin.

Moreover, it is a must for you to properly dry the diapers of your baby. If they are still wet and you use them, then the stinky odor will be felt by you.

Thus, this is the general cleaning guide that you can follow while cleaning the cloth diapers.

If you follow some different washing routine when cleaning a cloth diaper, you can share that with us.

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Simply buy these nighttime cloth diapers and give a great time to your baby. Most importantly, they offer excellent overnight solutions and give a peaceful sleeping time to your baby.

If your baby is a heavy wetter, then you should get such diapers for him. They come in the one-size and adjustable cloth diaper form and are composed of layers of super-absorbent material.

If you are using some other suggested nighttime cloth diapers, then let us know about their quality as well.

A few of the diaper recommendations have 2 snap-in hemp diaper inserts and remain leak-free for up to 10 hours.

If your baby is from 10 to 30 pounds, trust us, these are the perfect recommendations for him.

You can even see that the top-quality diapers are often made of 55% hemp or 45% cotton. They are available in fitted cloth diapers and allow maximum absorbency.

So, run to the shop or online order any of these recommended diapers. Once you use them, you can tell us how you find their use and quality.

Keep connected with us because we will inform the readers more of the diapers and what variations have so far arrived in this niche. So do not go anywhere!